XperiDo automates the creation and delivery of transactional documents, such as letters, quotes, order forms and confirmation letters, invoices, policies, contracts, permits, reports and much more.

It leverages your company’s information to be used in both one-to-one communication and mass-produced documents. It enables business users to gain control over their documents and relieves your IT staff from template design and redesign. Using XperiDo to eliminate most – if not all – manual handling in document-intensive processes, businesses of all sizes and industries around the world have been able to increase productivity and reduce costs.


XBintegrator is the foundation layer of all Invenso products. This software development and integration platform has the blueprint of a full-blown Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), but nevertheless a small footprint.

The service-oriented foundation layer provides all Invenso products with a modern and open architecture. As a result, Invenso products are easy to customize and integrate.